Anatomy of a Ring

Have you ever wondered what the different parts of your ring were called? A well-crafted ring is comprised of several different parts that each serve a purpose to become the beautiful piece of jewelry you love. In this post, we’ll cover the most common terminology used by jewelers when describing the parts of a ring.

The Head

The head of a ring is positioned at the top of a band and holds the center stone, in our example the stone is set with prongs. Similar prong settings are typically used to set side stones as well.A ring depicting the several different areas: head, gallery, bridge, shank, milgrain, filigree, etc

The Gallery

Located directly below center and side stones, the gallery is the open area above the bridge. Jewelers often use this area to add beautiful finishing touches like filigree; intricate and decorative openwork designs with gold or silver.

The Bridge

The bridge connects the gallery to the shank of the ring and continues to meet the shoulders of the ring. Just like your shoulders bridge your head to the rest of your body- the same works in ring anatomy.

Accent Stones

Smaller stones lining the upper and lower shank of a ring are called accent stones. Jewelers often use the shank as an opportunity to showcase their craftsmanship by adding decorative touches such as milgrain, a French word that translates to “a thousand grains.” Milgrain is created using closely set metal beads along the edges of a shank, creating a decorative border.

Shank Base

When you have your ring sized, the shank base is where adjustments are made. Most rings that have accent stones or milgrain stop the design just before the shank base to allow room for any size changes the future ring owner might need. However, rings like eternity bands, which continue the design around the entire shank, do not have this area and this is often the reason the ring cannot be sized up or down.

Under gallery of a ring

Under Gallery of a Ring

The under gallery of a ring is the part that rests against your finger. Decorative craftmanship is frequently exercised in this area making the ring beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Depending on the way the under gallery is designed it can also aid in a more comfortable fit and easy cleaning.

Now that you know the main parts of a ring, is there a lesser-known area of your ring that we didn’t explain? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help!

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