Quality Standards: How we use lab reports to safeguard your jewelry investment.

As a jewelry lover, odds are you have an array of precious gemstones in your jewelry collection. Unfortunately, at some point, you may have had a bad experience that caused you to question the authenticity of one of your pieces. Our highest priority is to guarantee that you can shop worry-free with Gem Shopping Network.

The Quality Standards at Gem Shopping Network separate us from other businesses in the jewelry industry. We’re sharing a few of our practices to ensure you can be confident that you are receiving the very best in jewelry and gemstones.

Gemologist-x400Gemstones come from all around the world. Without proper certification, such as a lab report, it is difficult to prove a gemstone’s origin. Certain mines produce high-quality specimens with unique color and specific characteristics not found in other varieties of the same gemstone. In some cases that origin can actually increase the value of a gemstone. A lab report is one of the few ways to positively identify the origin of a gemstone. GSN maintains a strict lab report policy, and we require all of our vendors to provide documentation for certain gemstones from an approved, reputable lab.

Here are a few examples:



  • We require reports on all stones stated to be Ceylon sapphire, Burmese ruby, Columbian emerald, Brazilian Paraiba, and Russian alexandrite. In these cases, the country of origin can add value to the gemstone.
  • Fancy-colored diamonds are required to be accompanied with a lab report, and Padparadscha sapphires come with a lab report due to their rarity.
  • In addition, rubies over 3 carats in size must be accompanied by a lab report, and yellow or orange sapphires need have documentation stating that the stone is free from diffusion treatment, regardless of size.

Providing our customers with a lab report on certain gemstones ensures peace of mind about the quality and origin of the gemstone purchased. We work tirelessly to protect our customer’s interest by carefully inspecting each piece.

Mike Burnett, Director of Gemology at Gem Shopping Network.

We also do not allow our vendors to do jewelry presentations where a mounting contains colored paint or enamel underneath a colored diamond because this alters the color of the diamond.  If the mount head is colored naturally by alloys this is acceptable; i.e. a pink diamond set in a rose gold head.

All jewelry that is sold as a “signed designer” piece must have the designers hallmark on the piece. The hallmark must be clearly legible and a known hallmark from that designer.

These are a few of the precautions we take to carefully screen the jewelry sold on our broadcasts. Our goal is always to provide our customers with the finest jewelry available in both estate and new pieces.

When you watch our shows you can have confidence that the gemstones and jewelry we show you are what we say they are.  Our Quality Standards are in place to ensure your absolute satisfaction with the jewelry you fall in love with on Gem Shopping Network.

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