Quality Standards: Where we draw the line with gemstone treatments.

At Gem Shopping Network, we set the bar for excellence high with our Quality Standards. It is paramount to ensure that the jewelry you fall in love with, is in fact what it claims to be. For many jewelry collectors, the pieces they purchase will become family heirlooms.

At GSN, we have a team of Graduate Gemologists that inspect each piece of jewelry for gemstone authenticity. A myriad of gemstone and diamond treatments exist in the world and we want to catch any unacceptable treatments before they leave our facility. Without the proper inspection of a trained eye, these treatments can go undetected.

A Graduate Gemologist inspects a gemstone before it is shipped out to the customer.

Below is a list of treatments that are not accepted at GSN, per our Quality Standards:

  • Lead glass filled gemstones to hide imperfections
  • Gemstones that have been dyed that enhance color (the only exception is chalcedony)
  • Reconstituted stones or composite material such as is frequently used in turquoise
  • Corundum and sapphire that is diffusion treated
  • Synthetic or man-made diamonds or gemstones (the only exception are rare estate pieces that might have synthetic stones “of the period” and are small accent stones only)
  • Diamonds that are clarity-enhanced
  • Gemstones that have been surface coated
  • All pearls must be of natural color, no dyed colors
  • No smoke or sugar treated opals
  • We do not sell synthetic diamonds
  • We do not sell gemstone triplets, and only sell doublets if both pieces are of natural materials

In addition, GSN sells precious metals and does not accept gold fill or karat weights lower than 14k. We try to catch any chipped, cracked, or fractured stones before they leave our facility. Stones that are known to have surface reaching feathers, like ruby and emerald, are rejected if the feather breaks the surface on the table of the gemstone.

GSN Director of Gemology, Mike Burnette

These are just a few of the many measures we take to ensure our customers receive the very best. Next week, we’ll delve into our lab report policy and what stones are required to have this documentation.

We’re in the business of exceeding expectations with fine jewelry and gemstones, and our Quality Standards set the bar for ensuring that we match the level of excellence that our collectors deserve.

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  1. Extremely interesting information. I always wondered if there was any in-house quality control. Thank you for this article.

  2. Love your show and your product! It is comforting to know that what I am buying is authentic and real. I have purchased many jewelry pieces from GSN over the years and love them all! I have also purchased many items as gifts and my friends and family all love them. Thanks GSN!!!

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