Should Your Jewelry Match? It Depends…

This week we received an excellent question on Facebook from Rhonda who wanted to know if the gems in her earrings, ring, and bracelet need to be the same

Jewelry Suites have been with us for centuries.

The idea of matching jewelry is not a new concept. Traditionally, the words parure and demi-parure described collections of matching jewelry pieces that were meant to be worn together and usually made up of the same gem colors in all the pieces.

For centuries, jewelers have been creating parures for royals and aristocrats. These collections included brooches, necklaces, rings, and earrings, and sometimes additional pieces like shoe buckles. Later, tiaras were added to parures. Demi-parures are matched sets with fewer pieces or matched sets that lack a tiara.

Recent monochromatic fashion trends are exactly in line with this historic style of jewelry collections. For many ladies and gentlemen this is the only way to wear your pieces – so they closely match each other. Some people go even further and match the colors of their gemstones to shades of color in their outfit.

Intentionally matched suites are impressive to see, and wearing clothing and jewelry of one color or similar shades with different textures for an overall tonal look can be flattering and trendy.


Do your own thing.

Fashion and individual style are very personal. Today, jewelry suites are not just for royals, and the pieces don’t have to match. You can create your own jewelry wardrobe, one that suits your individual sense of style. For some it is a single statement piece that becomes the center of your ensemble – you always wear that piece but mix and match others based on your mood or outfit.

The point is, how you choose to wear your jewelry should complement your own individuality and style. Colors matching or not – it is up to you. Your jewelry should make you feel beautiful and enhance what you are wearing, be it jeans or a ball gown!


The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes creating your own jewelry wardrobe so much personal. It is also what makes watching Gem Shopping Network so much fun – you never know what style or pieces you will see next from vintage estate pieces that are ageless and unique to exquisite diamonds that dazzle all day long.

Wear what you love and create your jewelry suites to suit your individual taste. If you are true to yourself, you are sure to look radiant.

Thanks, Rhonda for submitting the question on our Facebook page!

If you want to shop now tune in and watch our live show.

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