The perfect look for you…

Our fashions have changed over the centuries but one thing never changes – we have always loved to adorn ourselves with beautiful accessories.

In the 17th century the words parure and demi-parure described collections of matching jewelry pieces that were meant to be worn together. For centuries, jewelers have been producing parures for royals and important aristocrats. These collections included brooches, necklaces, rings, and earrings, and sometimes additional pieces like shoe buckles. Later, tiaras were added to parures. Demi-parures are matched sets with fewer pieces or matched sets that lack a tiara.

Today, not everyone likes to have all their accessories match. Some ladies love to mix it up while others go for a monochrome look with pieces in the same hues.  While intentionally matched suites are impressive to see, it’s creative and fun to curate a suite of jewelry just for yourself – one that complements your own individuality, charisma and in the color(s) you love most.

Do you prefer a classic look? A diamond suite will always be on point. For understated elegance, pearls are all you need to be chic whatever the occasion. Do certain colors appeal to you? Design your look based on colored gemstones or gem combinations that are your personal favorites.

Do you admire the Edwardian jewelry featured on Downton Abbey? What about the Hollywood glamour of the Retro or Modernist eras? If this is you, consider a suite based on the styles of a certain time period. You can opt for vintage pieces or modern lookalikes.

The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes jewelry suites so exciting! At Gem Shopping Network, our exclusive collections of unique pieces are sure to inspire you as you begin to building a jewelry wardrobe that embodies your sense of style and your sense of self. This season earrings are a requisite piece of a finished look and always
au courant. Here are a few of our favorite earrings that are in stock right now.

If you want to shop for earrings like these now tune in and watch our live show.


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